Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Which are the most dangerous sports to play?

Of all the people in the developed world, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone out there who didn’t like any sports. Whether it’s the millions of people who both watch and play football every week, or the more niche aficionados of boules, water polo or gaelic football, sports captivate nearly everyone in Europe, Asia and the Americas. But despite the many pleasures involved in sport, it’s a very tangible reality that pain, and worse, serious injury is a part and parcel of even the most relaxed sports. As a result, sports injury compensation claims are a becoming increasingly common. It’s assumed that accidents can happen, but if someone is hurt on the field and it’s someone’s fault, then compensation may be claimed. But what are the most dangerous sports that a person could play? 


The glorious world of soccer is often maligned by rugby fans and others, who look at screaming, diving specimens writhing around on the floor supposedly in pain, and deign that the world’s favourite sport is one for pansies. And while that may be true in some cases, football can be an incredibly vicious sport, where ankles, knees and other vital joints and limbs are attacked by members of the opposition – leaving a player in agony and probably with a serious injury. 

Horse racing 

It may not be played by anything like as many people as football or other sports, but for those small, light jockeys who ride for a living, horse racing is an incredibly dangerous sport. Because they’re hurtling over 6ft jumps at speeds you’d expect from a modest car driving through town, and with none of the safety considerations in place, it goes without saying that horse racing is pretty dangerous. 

Bull fighting

It won’t surprise you to see bull fighting on this list. The famously Spanish sport sees a brave matador wave a red flag towards a bull, causing it to charge towards him. Then, the plucky Spaniard must dash out the way, quick, before the angry bull connects with his body. Needless to say, this makes it one of the world’s most dangerous sports. 

Ice hockey

This famous American pastime is a very dangerous sport, and not because of the potential frostbite. Like rugby and American football, this is a vicious sport, with plenty of painful fighting, but this finds its way onto the list because it’s part and parcel of the sport. What’s more, each team has a specified ‘goon’ – a man whose sole role is to fight and intimidate the other team. And even if they’re not fighting, sharp glass boots and hard sticks make it a very vicious sport. 

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