Friday, 22 February 2013

Tips on Going about Vibration White Finger Compensation Claims

Vibration white finger compensation claims are claims that arise from injuries or problems caused by machines that vibrate excessively. There are lots of such machines in the construction sector, mining and many other industries. Prolonged use of these machines leads to a condition where the fingers are affected and people experience tingling, numbness, difficulty with small manual tasks, loss of agility and other issues with the fingers, wrist and sometimes arm.

Because this is a problem that has been around for many years, a number of people have been affected and many more continue to fall victim to the same industrial disease. It is therefore a matter that should concern many, especially those in industries where heavy vibrating equipment is used. After prolonged use of some machines that vibrate vigorously, it is common to experience this debilitating condition (also known as HAVS – Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome). This can leave many workers unable to undertake their day-to-day work and can lead to redundancy and extremely prolonged sick leave (not to mention discomfort). 

That is why many sufferers are compelled to make a claim against the company - or the government depending on the group in charge. To win such a claims case, you will be required to provide tangible evidence in an organized and systematic manner. That is why you might well need the services of experienced compensation solicitors who can handle the process effectively. 

Although there are many claims solicitors who will always want to handle the matter because of the monetary gains they are likely to get, it is always important to check out carefully to ensure you do not end up with an inefficient team that will compromise your case instead. 

There are common signs that the courts will be looking for as proof that you truly deserve the vibration white finger compensation claims as alleged. You therefore need to know them so that you do not end up in disappointment at the last minute. Among the common signs include a tingling or feeling of numbness on the fingers. This is also referred to as whiteness because it affects the nerves and blood vessels. An official medical report may be required as conclusive proof of your illness. A secondary medical opinion may also be required. Your solicitor will be able to advise you on this basis. 

Due to the effect on the blood vessels, the sufferer will mostly experience a change in colour especially on the fingers. This is because of the lack of proper blood flow. Another common problem is the manual dexterity loss. With this happening, they are likely to experience more of this numbness during the cold seasons. 

If you are experiencing all the above symptoms and any other similar ones, it is a great pointer to the fact that you may be suffering from vibration white finger syndrome. The way you file your claims and present your case is what will determine whether or vibration white finger compensation claims will be awarded – rendering legal advice absolutely essential.

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