Tuesday, 8 January 2013

When Can I Make Construction Accidents Claims?

Most people do not know that construction jobs are prone to accidents and are some of the most risky jobs in the world. The nature of the job poses no small amount of danger and in several cases can prove hazardous to life. A construction worker is always exposed to dangerous equipment, unstable materials and a hazardous working environment which all lead to construction accidents. Other dangers of the job include working at heights where materials may fall, especially if no safety barriers are in place. If such dangers result in accidents to workers, they file construction accidents claims. Construction accident claims are a benefit given to a construction employee as part of his or the employing company’s assistance should an employee have an accident.

Every employer has the responsibility of giving and providing a safe and suitable working environment for its workers. If the employer cannot provide basic safety requirements, they put themselves at risk of having to pay out for construction accident claims. The Government Health and Safety Commission is the agency responsible for ensuring safety regulations are met by construction companies. It ensures that the risks and dangers in the workplace are properly addressed to reduce, if not eliminate, accidents.

Reasons Why Construction Accidents Happen

Several factors can contribute to mishaps during construction work. Faulty equipment, the inability of a worker to handle the job and or the lack of safety guidelines in the work area can be some of them. A lack of the correct protective suits, rest times, training and knowledge of the job can also contribute to construction accidents. Most commonly, a lack of safety guidelines on proper and correct usage of equipment is the most common reason for such accidents. It is the responsibility of the employer to test any new equipment before giving it to their employees. At the same time, employees should be trained in the use of such new equipment, to eliminate the danger of them causing trouble. 

What are the types of construction accidents that are eligible for compensation claims? In general, any serious injuries which happen on a construction site that is not the fault of the worker should be compensated. Construction accident claims include the following injuries: 
  • Falling through light and fragile surfaces like roof lights
  • Falling from scaffolds or ladders
  • Being struck or run over by moving vehicles
  • Being struck by falling equipment, loads or moving structures 
  • Being hit by collapsing machinery or structures 
  • Being in contact with dangerous and harmful fumes and chemicals 
  • Lifting heavy and risky loads 
  • Electrocution, inhalation injuries and burns 
  • Trips, falls and slips 
  • Exposure to asbestos 
  • Hand and finger vibration injury 
  • Injuries due to faulty machinery 
  • Injuries due to failure to have adequate safety gear and/or protective clothing 
These construction accident claim reasons are used to cover the loss of earnings, medical fees and rehabilitation costs of an injured employee. Even in companies which provide a safe working environment for their employees, accidents do happen and thus the employer must be insured all the time. Construction accident claims are seen as useless by workers, however large the pay out, if such worker loses a limb.

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